[Announcement] Thrive Triggers: Learn From Proven Plant Based Athletes

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? Hi there!

It’s not often that I write here anymore. In fact, it seems to be limited to once annually. But, I have an announcement…

I’ve been working in the background on side project while managing my marketing consultancy.

Sooo, I’m proud to announce ? Thrive Triggers – a site dedicated to interviewing ? plant-based athletes (from pros to weekend warriors) to uncover their tips, tricks, strategies, regrets and the products they love most.

Today, I’m featuring Linda Johnson who is one of the UK’s top obstacle course racers (OCR) and plant-based athletes.

? Read the interview: https://thrivetriggers.com/story/linda-johnson-1577801953179×154873043707756540

In this interview, we cover dozens of topics and stories. Here’s a small sample:

✅ Linda’s journey from being an overweight smoker to one of the UK’s top obstacle course racers (OCR)
✅ How she dealt with criticism and doubt from friends, family and fitness instructors
✅ The moment that led to her to become plant-based athlete
✅ Her favorite 3 exercises to prepare for an OCR race
✅ The advice Linda would give to someone who’s new to Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) but who’s interested in doing it competitively
✅ Her post-race recovery process for obstacle course racing and ultra endurance events
✅ Linda’s favorite go-to foods or fuel for races (pre, during and post-race)
✅ Her two go-to strategies when she’s struggling physically or mentally in a race
✅ The two books that have most influenced her life
✅ Linda’s favorite supplements, products and apps
✅ Who she’d share a plant-based / vegan meal with

? Read the interview: https://thrivetriggers.com/story/linda-johnson-1577801953179×154873043707756540

Up next is a champion bodybuilder.

Let me know what you think!



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