Hi, I’m Alex Pethick

I study successful, yet unconventional people across a wide range of disciplines — entrepreneurs, athletes, artists and more — to uncover the habits, hacks, and routines that make these people the best at what they do. Then, I share what I learn on this blog.

LimitlessFX is simply a record of my own curiosity and adventures; of my personal journey into what matters, what’s interesting, helpful and healthy.

Me in 47 seconds

In 2016 we embarked on an adventure around the world with my wife (Raleigh > Florida > Ohio > New York > England > Mallorca, Spain > Thailand > Laos > Vietnam > Cambodia > Thailand > Maui)

Founder & CEO of LeadTree. B2B Digital Marketing Consultant. Worked directly with Fortune 500 companies like HP, IBM, Oracle, VMware, Sage, and CA (plus hundreds of SMBs)

Creator of Nutriso — a site that ranks 2,300+ vegan-friendly (only) foods by protein, iron, calcium, vitamins and other nutrients.

Total introvert (INFP). Nonconformist; wary of trends and following crowds. Like unconventional methods; open to new ideas, perspectives and (sometimes) changing my mind.

Swindon, England native.

Autodidact. Curious. LOVE learning. Fascinated with health, psychology, philosophy, and entrepreneurship.

Forcing myself to get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Currently eating a plant-based diet (like the Blue Zones) until science persuades me otherwise.

Follow me at @AlexLPethick on Twitter…if you like!

Also, check out my wife’s website – she’s a Health & Wellness Coach in Raleigh, NC (but available remotely)

Want to contact me?

alex {@} limitlessfx {dot} co